Art Prints

Healing Spirit is to my Tlingit culture what an angel is to many other cultures. It is something one does not see physically, but we know it exists. It watches over us and will be there in times of hardship or trauma. It helps to know that Spirit is there. Healing Spirit is for all cultures. We are all here now and must get along with one another. Peace.
Limited edition 3 color silk screened art print. 15x17 $120

Raven's Journey The journey's of Raven, playful and proud trickster, are many. Raven's Journey tells the Tlingit Box of Daylight story, when Raven, our creator, put the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. I designed this art in tribute to Charles Edenshaw, the great Haida Master Carver, and his outstanding argillite dish design. With the greatest of honor and respect to him, I wanted to apply his inspired vision to my Tlingit culture. I chose this particular design to be painted on my own personal drum, which I use in my traditional ceremonies.
Limited edition silk screened art print, by Wayne Price of Haines, Alaska. 6 colors, 15 1/2 " $200